Multiple timezone selection is shown only through the online booking.

To enable, go to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Diary Settings -> Show User Timezone Selection in Online Booking -> Toggle to YES -> SAVE

Below is a screenshot of the timezone selection that displays for the client in the top left of the online booking.

When patients select a time zone, time slots will be re calculated to display the times in the patient's local time zone while you receive the booking in YOUR local time.

The booking messages can be customised by copying and pasting the following tags into your booking AND reminder emails:

Date: {{event.user_dtstart|date("d/m/Y")}}

Time: {{event.user_dtstart|date("g:i a")}}

Times are shown in {{event.user_tz}} timezone

You will need replace the existing date and time section in your messages with the above information. 

Booking and reminder emails can be edited by going to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Message Settings -> Booking Emails -> Select a service category -> Replace existing date and time tags with the above -> SAVE -> Repeat for EACH service category and also reminder emails -> Ensure to save changes.